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How to Clone Objects in CFD-VIEW?

As the name suggests, the Clone operator creates an exact copy of the input object. The input object could be a surface (iso-surface, plane cut, geometry surface, border object) or a volume. The drawing style of this copy (or copies) is completely independent from that of the original. This feature thus allows representing an object in different ways to present and explain your solution data in a better, more concise manner. It also allows rapid switching between the cloned objects. Using the symmetry panel, the cloned object can also be drawn in different positions (to view a user tip on the symmetry panel, please click here).

The following steps illustrate how the cloning operation can be used on a plane cut to create a plot of Velocity Magnitude with overlaying Pressure contours.

  1. Create a plane cut through the model and plot Pressure contours on it, as shown in Figure 1.


    Figure 1.  Plane cut through the geometry

  2. With the plane cut still selected, click on the 'Clone Object' button, as shown in Figure 2.


    Figure 2.  The Clone operator in CFD-VIEW

  3. On this new object, plot Velocity Magnitude with the Smooth Surface option, as shown in Figure 3.


    Figure 3.  The original cut with a Pressure contour plot
    and the cloned cut with Velocity Magnitude plot.

NOTE: In order to show two legends as shown in figure 3, you have to inactivate the active map. To do this, right click on the legend and select properties. In the Legend Properties window uncheck the Track Active Map option.

The same information can be presented by using the Symmetry panel to move the cloned object such that it stands side-by-side with the original object. These two objects can then have different variables plotted on them ( figure 4 displays Velocity Magnitude and Pressure).


Figure 4.  Plot of Pressure and Velocity Magnitude shown side by side
using the Translate option for the cloned object.


Note: tested with V2009.2

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