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Is it possible to display evenly spaced vectors in CFD-VIEW?

A Point Net is primarily used for creating an evenly spaced vector field over existing 3D volumes, 2D surfaces (if the domain is two-dimensional), or cutting planes. The Point Net creates a set of points over the selected entity, and the simulation variable values (such as pressure, temperature, etc.) at these points are derived by interpolation on the underlying mesh.

Figure 1a shows the vectors as they would be on the computational grid. You can see that the vectors are tightly clustered near the walls due to the grid density. In figure 1b, which uses the Point Net feature, the vectors are evenly spaced, leading to a tidier presentation of the results. In each of the figures, the vectors are colored by Velocity Magnitude.

Image Image
Figure 1a.  Vectors are on the computational grid Figure 1b.  Vectors are on the Point Net

To create a point net and display vectors on it:

  1. Select a volume or surface object.

  2. Click on the Point Net Operator.


    Figure 2.  Point Net operator

  3. In the Point Net control panel, input the number of points in the X, Y, and Z directions.


    Figure 3.  Point Net control panel

  4. Check the Vectors On button in the toolbar. You can also hide the points of the Point Net by clicking the Points Off button (as has been done in figure 1b).


    Figure 4.  Vectors On and Points Off selected in the toolbar

  5. There are additional display options that can be employed at this point:
    • The vectors can be colored based on a computed variable (e.g. pressure, temperature, etc.).
    • The Points tab in the Control panel can be used to modify the display the points. For example, the points can be displayed as pixels, cubes, or spheres.
    • The Vectors tab in the Control panel can be used to adjust the size of the vectors.


Note: tested with V2010.0

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