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How can I quickly check what software version I am running?

There is a very fast and easy way to verify what software version you are running for your ESI CFD applications. Most likely, you already know that this information is available by clicking on 'Help → About ...' ( for the GUI ), or by looking in the output file (for the solvers). There also exists a simple command that can get you this information.

This command has the syntax 'APPLICATION -v'. It will give you the version number of the corresponding application, as well as other information such as DTF version and Build Date.

For Windows machines, typing this command in the command line or a Cygwin shell will create a VERSION file in the current directory. You can then open this file with a text editor to view its content.

For Linux machines, typing this command from a shell will print directly the information on the shell itself. If you want to create a file to save the information, just write it to a text file using the command:
'APPLICATION -v > textfile.txt'.

Below is the list of valid commands:

For example, on Windows machines, typing the command 'CFD-GEOM -v' will create a "CFD-GEOM.version" file, which contains the following information:



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