V2014.0 Release is Ready! V2014.0 Release is Ready!

ESI is proud to announce the Release of the V2014.0 ACE+ Suite of CFD and Multiphysics software. This release includes many new features that our customers have requested. We welcome and encourage all of our customers to download and use the latest version of our software.

Included in the V2014.0 release are significant updates to:

  • CFD-ACE+ - Advanced CFD and Multiphysics Solver
  • CFD-FASTRAN - CFD Physics Solver
  • CFD-GEOM - Geometry Modeler and Mesh Generator
  • CFD-VisCART - Cartesian Mesh Generator
  • CFD-VIEW - Solution Analysis and Visualization Tool

Enhancements have been made to increase usability, robustness and accuracy, and we are sure that this new version will make for a worthwhile upgrade to your CFD/Multiphysics toolset.

The remainder of this note gives you some information about the V2014.0 software release. Please read on to learn more about the updates, and let us know if you have any comments or questions.

V2014.0 Release Highlights

As with previous releases, there are many improvements to features, performance, and robustness. Below is a short bullet list of some of the top reasons why you should consider upgrading to V2014.0. For a more detailed description of the new and improved features, please consult the Release Notes document, which can be found in the Knowledge Base section of the ESI CFD Portal (login required).

CFD-ACE+ V2014.0

  • Improved Lumped Heat Exchanger model
  • New Access Routines for Parallel Processing
  • Fast and Accurate ICP simulation setup using the new Application mode
  • Convenient Viewing of Plasma CCP Output files
  • Improved output format for Plasma .CCPavg file
  • New Advanced Linear Solver Settings (Beta)
  • Enhanced Accuracy of Specular Computation in Monte Carlo Radiation simulations (Beta)


  • Extension of Motion Models to Unstructured CFD-FASTRAN
CFD-GEOM V2014.0
  • New Mesh Sources for triangle and tetrahedral meshing

CFD-VisCART V2014.0

  • New option to Preserve Patch Grouping in the exported DTF file
  • New options for Rotate and Scale operations
  • New Shrink-Wrapped Mesh Optimization tool

CFD-VIEW V2014.0

  • Faster arbitrary surface import for data plotting and processing

V2014.0 Installation

The 2014.0 software can be installed with existing 2013.X, 2011.0 or earlier software directories. You will continue to be able to use old and new versions of the software, which will allow as much time as needed for transition. However, as only V2014.0 will be supported moving forward, you should use V2014.0 to get access to future software issue resolutions and feature improvements. Step-by-step instructions for the download and installation of V2014.0 software can be found in the Getting Started Guide (located in the Knowledge Base - login required).

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may require a new license to run V2014.0! ESI licensing policy requires licensing to the version of the software. This means that if you currently have a V2013.x (or earlier) license, you will need to replace it with a V2014.x license .These are available upon request from your ESI license or sales representative. If you are not sure who that is, you should contact Please include your existing license file for the quickest service. Note that if you already have a V2014.x license, no action is required.


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