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Importing an arbitrary STL surface for post-processing in CFD VIEW

When using the Arbitrary-Cut operator, you have the option to directly import an external surface in STL format into the model. This option, which was first made available in V2013.4, underwent significant performance improvements in V2014.0. This option provides the ability to plot data and process information on any arbitrarily shaped surface. The import process involves reading the STL file and computing the intersections between this surface and the model’s volume cells. Results on the imported surface are interpolated from the intersected volume cells and are independent of the surface mesh size of the STL as long as the surface is properly represented.


After importing the DTF file, select the desired volumes from the object explorer list and then click the Arbitrary-Cut operator button in the operator palette. In the operator controls that appear (Figure 1), click ‘Import’ from ‘Ext. Data’ (external data) to import a surface in STL format. The imported surface can be deleted/removed by clicking the ‘Clear’ button.


Figure 1: External Data option in the Arbitrary-Cut operator controls

The following example (Figure 2) shows Temperature plotted on an imported cylindrical STL surface which represents the variation of Temperature at constant radial distance from the center of a chip that is being cooled.


Figure 2: Plotting Temperature profile on a cylindrical STL surface


  • All patches (surfaces) in an STL file are imported as a single patch (surface) in CFD-VIEW.
  • Translation/Rotation/Clipping is not supported for the imported surface.

If you have any questions about this feature or would like us to discuss other topics in the future, please let us know.

Venkata Rao
ESI CFD Support Team

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