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CFD-ACE+ User Tips

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A note on output files generated in a typical CCP simulation

This tip provides an explanation about all the important files that are written by the solver when running a CCP Simulation


Using the Contact Model In Structural Simulations

While solving structural problems, in a large number of cases there are physical contacts between two solid components. Numerically it is difficult to handle this situation as the grid volume (on the fluid side) collapses to zero at the contact surfaces.

Restart Options Under the Initial Condition (IC) Tab

When doing restarts, which is a continuation of a previous solution, there are a couple of options available in the CFD-ACE-GUI regarding where the data comes from, along with output and time options. This user tip will detail the various options available to the user.

Using the STEP Function in CFD-ACE+

The Parametric Input feature in CFD-ACE-GUI is an excellent way to gain advanced control over boundary conditions. This feature can be found under the Tools -> Parametric Input choice on the menu bar.

Import CHEMKIN General Chemical Reaction Files Using CFD-ACE-GUI

The Database Manager of CFD-ACE-GUI allows the user to Import CHEMKIN-III (Sandia Format) general chemical reaction files.

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