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How to check what software version you are running

There is a very fast and easy way to verify what software version you are running for your ESI CFD applications. You most likely know that this information is available for the GUI by clicking on 'Help → About ...', and for solvers by looking in the output file.


Optimization using an Adjoint Method with PAM-FLOW

The CFD optimization of different car components has the potential of significantly shortening the design process (Othmer & Grahs, 2005).  The adjoint method recently implemented in PAM-FLOWTM is an advanced approach which aims to compute the sensitivities of the cost function and to plug them into a gradient-based optimization algorithm.

Using "startx" for Remote Display

In most compute environments today, users have a personal desktop (running the Windows operating system) and have access to a remote cluster to perform their simulations.  The remote cluster usually consists of a few to hundreds of powerful machines that are used by many different users.

Adding Items to the Start Menu in Windows XP

Windows users that installed CFD-ACE+ software via CD will have short cuts under Start --> Programs --> ESI Software. If your software was received via ftp or the ESI CFD Customer Portal download page, then you can create your own short cuts.  Given below are the steps needed.

Quick Access to Commonly Used Directories

When you click on the Open File icon in any of the ESI Software products, a File browser panel appears.   Look closely and you will see a red flag, a hammer and a house among the icons at the top of the panel.

Improve Productivity Using Scripts [Video Format]

As simulations become more integrated with the design process, engineers often spend time on repeated operations that do not contribute to their productivity. There is a need for tools that could capture, preserve and transfer the knowledge within the organization or to its customers.

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