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How to check what software version you are running

There is a very fast and easy way to verify what software version you are running for your ESI CFD applications. You most likely know that this information is available for the GUI by clicking on 'Help → About ...', and for solvers by looking in the output file.


Model clipping feature in CFD-VisCART and CFD-GEOM

For better visualization of the geometry and mesh, a model clipping feature was introduced in CFD-VisCART and CFD-GEOM V2013.0. The following sections illustrate the usage and benefits of this feature.

Parametric Studies Using SimManager

Parametric studies are an important aspect of CFD analysis. Parametric studies are used to perform trend base analyses, optimize the deign of a device, and/or to study the affect of different parameters on a process (What if? type analysis).

DTF utility: the -vd and -ud options

The DTF utility offers several options for viewing and manipulating simulation data in a DTF file. Simulation data is essentially all settings that are not Volume Conditions or Boundary Conditions. By using a couple of DTF commands, you can update the data in the DTF file without opening it in CFD-ACE-GUI. In this tip, we will demonstrate how to use the -vd and -ud options of the DTF utility.

Working with Multiple Simulations in a DTF File

One feature of the DTF file format is that multiple simulations can be stored in a single DTF file. In most cases, you will be working with multiple simulations when you are running parallel computations. This is due to the fact that you must decompose the original mesh to obtain the decomposed mesh.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Issues

Windows XP with Service Pack 2 is becoming more prevalent in use. However there are a couple of issues for which you need to be aware. These issues have to do with the license manager and the display of the online help. This note gives solutions to problems that may be encountered.

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