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CFD-FASTRAN/CFD-ACE+ coupling for thermal environment simulations

In certain applications, different regions of the computational domain experiences flow conditions that are so different that it is very difficult for a single solver to produce accurate results at the extremes. In many situations, such problems can be separated and solved using loosely coupled solvers. Each solver is chosen to provide highly accurate solutions for the prevailing flow conditions.


Chemical-kinetic Model for Mars Atmosphere Re-entry Applications

The shock layer flow over a blunt body entering a planetary atmosphere at a hypersonic speed will dissociate and partially ionize. A reliable prediction of the flow-field for such application requires a chemical-kinetic model. For Mars atmosphere, the five species Park'94 is considered [1]. The dissociation of CO2 is producing C, CO, CO2, O and O2.

Motion Model Dependencies in CFD-FASTRAN

Moving-body models available in CFD-FASTRAN are highly suited to simulate complex prescribed and six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) motions of rigid bodies. In many engineering problems, this translates to multiple bodies moving relative to one another.

Axisymmetric 2D Convergent-Divergent Boattail Nozzle Simulation Using CFD-FASTRAN

The NASA D-1.22-L boattail nozzle configuration was obtained from the MADIC (Multidisciplinary and Design Industrial Consortium) program. The geometry definition and the flow conditions are documented in NASA TP 1766 [1]. This user tip presents a validation of numerical methods against experimental data.

Simulation of the Hypersonic Flow Past a Blunted Cone-cylinder-flare (HB-2) using CFD-FASTRAN

Study of supersonic flows is of high interest for a wide variety of problems including design of high speed planes and other related applications [1]. This user tip presents a validation of numerical methods against experimental data.

CFD-FASTRAN-GUI Scripting for Text-Based Model Setup

CFD-FASTRAN-GUI can now be operated via a Python Script in Version 2006, like CFD-ACE-GUI. GUI scripting (and the DTF command) are intended to be used in place of the AT file, which has now been eliminated. The AT file has been the root cause of a lot of confusion and unexpected problems, because it was impossible to keep the state of the AT file consistent with the state of the GUI.

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