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CFD-VisCART User Tips

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Using Region sources in CFD-VisCART

In order to control grid spacing at user-defined locations, mesh sources are a common tool in CFD-VisCART (Figure 1). Point, Line, Curve, Plane, Box and Surface sources have been available for several years. Cylinder and Sphere sources were introduced a few years back. To extend this tool set further, CFD-VisCART V2013.0 introduced Region sources.


Integer Cell Size Specification in CFD-VisCART

As it was explained in a previous tip called Understanding cell-splitting in CFD-VisCART and its effect on cell count, a small change in a specified cell size could lead to drastic changes in the cell count due to the cell-splitting rules used by CFD-VisCART.

Splitting a Model in CFD-VisCART

CFD-VisCART is a 3D unstructured adaptive Cartesian mesh generator. It is ideally suited for external aerodynamics and automotive underhood applications involving extremely complex geometries. Models/geometries in SAT, Parasolid, STL, Nastran, 3DS, Plot3d and FAST formats can be imported into CFD-VisCART.

Surface mesh coarsening option for Shrink-Wrapped meshes

When generating a shrink-wrapped surface mesh, one could end up with a large number of faces (triangles) in an attempt to capture small features. The Mesh Decimation tool in CFD-VisCART allows the user to reduce the number of faces without losing features preserved during the skrink-wrapping process.

Preserving boundaries between patches with CFD-VisCART’s Single Domain mesher

The ‘Preserve Features’ option does very well in preserving features between geometry patches – as long as the patches are not coplanar (dihedral angle = 0) or include a very small dihedral angle between them.

Using the Delete Tool in CFD-VisCART V2007

CFD-VisCART has several tools to modify/delete model entities. Very often it is useful to erase unnecessary entities or clean up dirty geometry in order to simplify it. There are three available ways to delete entities in CFD-Viscart.

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