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CFD-VIEW User Tips

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Importing an arbitrary STL surface for post-processing in CFD VIEW

When using the Arbitrary-Cut operator, you have the option to directly import an external surface in STL format into the model. This option, which was first made available in V2013.4, underwent significant performance improvements in V2014.0. This option provides the ability to plot data and process information on any arbitrarily shaped surface. The import process involves reading the STL file and computing the intersections between this surface and the model’s volume cells. Results on the imported surface are interpolated from the intersected volume cells and are independent of the surface mesh size of the STL as long as the surface is properly represented.


Point Net Feature in CFD-VIEW

A Point Net is primarily used for creating an evenly spaced vector field over existing 3D volumes, 2D surfaces (if the domain is two-dimensional), or cutting planes. The Point Net creates a set of points over the selected entity, and the simulation variable values (such as pressure, temperature, etc.) at these points are derived by interpolation on the underlying mesh.

Importing external data in the CFD-VIEW Plotter

Comparing computational results to experimental data is a task often asked of CFD analysts and engineers.  The line/curve plotter in CFD-VIEW is commonly used for plotting computational results along curves, such as line probes, surface slices, time histories, etc.  CFD-VIEW offers a feature that allows users to import experimental or other external data in the same plot, thus making it easy to compare results.

Making Plots Along Constant Radius Curves

How do I plot a variable along the circumference of a circle or circular arc? The above query has been made several times by CFD-ACE+ users.  In case of cylindrical geometry, it’s very useful to have a plot of the desired variable along a circle of certain radius.

Plotter Operations with CFD-VIEW

The Plotter operator in CFD-VIEW supports signal processing for Time History data. A previous user tip – Digital Signal Processing using CFD-VIEW – shows how time history date can be made available and how to perform a PSD on a periodic signal. The aim of this new user tip is to list all options supported by the Plotter Operator.

CFD-VIEW: Working with cell-center data in batch mode

Many improvements have been made in CFD-VIEW that allows the manipulation of cell-center data. The latest cell-center data additions implemented in CFD-VIEW V2011.0 include, for example, support for the MinMax Probe and the Calculator.

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