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CFD-GEOM User Tips

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Auto Empty Folders option in CFD-GEOM

When importing large models into CFD-GEOM, you may notice that certain entities listed in the Model Manager may have a red box around them.


Starting a New Session in CFD-GEOM V2007

The CFD-GEOM user interface has been reworked with numerous, but subtle improvements. Rather than a major overhaul, which might leave existing users confused, the GUI has made an evolution to make it more consistent and easy to use. CFD-GEOM is now more aligned with other products of CFD-ACE+.

Unstructured Meshing in CFD-GEOM V2007

There have been several improvements to unstructured meshing in CFD-GEOM V2007. These new capabilities add more flexibility to unstructured meshing in CFD-GEOM as well as an overall better user experience.

Fast Access to Frequently Used Functions in CFD-GEOM

CFD-GEOM allows you to customize the toolbar. The customizable toolbar allows you to place shortcuts to your favorite geometry, meshing, and boundary/volume condition tools in the Toolbar area. You can add links to as many tools as you wish, and remove them at any time. You will then be able to just click the button in the toolbar to switch to a new function. This is faster than searching the menus for the desired function.

BC/VC Editor in CFD-GEOM

The BC/VC editor allows you to set the problem type as well as Boundary and Volume conditions name and type.

Butterfly Faces Meshing Tool in CFD-GEOM

In CFD-GEOM, a convenient meshing tool called "Butterfly Faces" allows the user to quickly and automatically create a structured mesh for circular topologies. The resulting mesh consists of 5 structured faces (4 sides and 1 core) inside a circle. Parameters are available to set the size of the core and the mesh density.

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