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CFD-GEOM User Tips

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Auto Empty Folders option in CFD-GEOM

When importing large models into CFD-GEOM, you may notice that certain entities listed in the Model Manager may have a red box around them.


BC/VC Editor in CFD-GEOM

The BC/VC editor allows you to set the problem type as well as Boundary and Volume conditions name and type.

Model inversion in CFD-GEOM

The many CAD model import options in CFD-GEOM make it easy to read-in your solid models.  Once the model is in CFD-GEOM, you have the solid representation of the part, but in many cases the fluid (or negative) space in the CAD model is of importance and needs to be discretized (i.e. meshed).

Importing Native CAD Files into CFD-GEOM V2008.0

In CFD-GEOM V2008.0, new CAD import options have been added to support native CAD file import into CFD-GEOM.  With these new import options, you no longer have to translate the file to SAT or IGES format.

Checking Your Grid Quality in CFD-GEOM

All things being equal, using a good quality grid will provide better convergence and solution accuracy. In CFD-GEOM, there are tools to help you check the grid quality and identify areas which could be improved.

Viewing Your Model in CFD-GEOM

CFD-GEOM has many tools that can make viewing and manipulating your models easier.  When you create your model, CFD-GEOM will show the handles for entities that are created.  These handles are more like a wire frame representation of the model.

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