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Welcome to the ESI Group CFD Portal!

ImageESI Group is the pioneer in providing solution for mutiphysics modeling. ESI Group’s suite of simulation products offers unique capabilities to simulate multiphysics, multiscale, fluid, thermal, chemical, biological, electrical, and mechanical phenomena.

ImageESI Group has in-depth expertise in performing consulting and research and development projects in CFD for aeronautics, automotive, Fuel cells, Semiconductors etc.  Relying on this strong engineering knowledge, ESI Group and its network of subsidiaries provide advanced consulting services worldwide. For each project a team of highly skilled engineers will set up a full process to better analyze customer needs and offer the optimum solution according to the specified requirements.

ImageCFD has become an important component of the current CAE community. CFD saves time and money by running “what-if” scenarios on the computer which used to cost much more when done with physical prototypes.  The CFD products, solutions and services offered by ESI Group enables engineers to gain insight about their projects from conception to completion thus making it the ideal choice for real world simulation solutions.


What the industry is saying about our products!

Useful Predictive Tool
"We find CFD-ACE+ especially useful as a predictive tool of laminar flow properties in the micro channels we devise on lab cards." - Dr. Fred Battrell, Micronics Inc.

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